The Signs: Communicating with the Other Side

Have you ever wanted to communicate with a loved one who’s passed away? In my spiritual journey, I’ve learned many things;  among them is that it is entirely possible, and you don’t need to pay any money to a psychic either. Most people may think that to communicate with a loved one who’s passed away requires paying money to a psychic or, even worse, buying an Ouija board. Whatever you do, stay away from Ouija boards – they can open the door to some very negative energies. By keeping an open mind instead, you can definitely communicate with them; they just might respond in a way that doesn’t involve any actual words.

Have you ever randomly found a penny (which are rare these days), nickel or a dime? Someone is reaching out to you to say ‘hello’, and the bigger the coin value, the bigger the wave. There are many ways they can communicate, and here are a few that I’ve experienced myself.

As I mentioned in a previous blog post (My Story: The Guitar Journey), on June 19, 2013, my older brother passed away from a massive heart attack at the age of 44. A couple of months later, while I was driving back from my regular guitar lesson and stopped at a red light, a butterfly flys into my Jeep and lands on the steering wheel. It stays there and gently flexes its wings a few times. Then, just before I start going again after the light turned green, it flies back out. I knew it was my brother sending me a message that he was Ok – I could feel it.

On my birthday this year (2017), I got into my Jeep to drive off to work, like I normally do and turned on the radio. What came out of the radio wasn’t my station that I always have it set to; it was something completely different. Once I realized it, I smiled right away and laughed. “Thank you,” I said. I knew it was my brother saying ‘happy birthday’ in his own special way, as he was always a trickster/shit disturber. One might be thinking that I had changed it myself accidentally the previous day on my way home from work; I always have the radio shut off on my way home from work.

On Father’s Day this year (June 18, 2017), my family decided to do a balloon release in celebration of the passing of my older brother. Say whatever you will about the balloon release being litter; it’s what my family decided to do to honor him. On my balloon, I wrote a thank you note to my brother for guiding me on my guitar journey. He’s given me hints various times of which songs I should learn.

Later, when I was washing some stuff off my Jeep, I randomly found a single feather on the lawn. I knew it was him, saying ‘hi’. Then, when I was grilling the meat for Father’s Day dinner, I randomly found three more feathers, for a total of four feathers. That’s one feather for each year since his passing. He heard my thank you note and was also saying ‘You’re welcome, little brother’.

If you keep an open mind that your loved ones can communicate with you, they most certainly will; it just might not be using spoken words. It could be a coin, a feather, something random that suits their behaviours, a song on the radio (either the whole song or just a lyric), repeating numbers (like 333 or 555 on licence plates, times on a clock, phone numbers, etc.), or even an animal of some kind that stands out in some way. You’ll know it’s them responding by how it feels and the message they’re trying to tell you. Ask, and you shall receive! 🙂


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