Metallica: The Road to Making A Dream Come True

metallica photo

Dream Weaver: When your dream is to help others achieve their dreams.

I believe that we’re all here for a purpose; that we’re here to help each other and to raise one another to a higher level by shining our divine light within ourselves so that others can shine their own light, and together, we can become a beacon to the world.

The local radio station I usually listen to, CJAY 92, was running a contest called ‘Jesse & JD’s Gone In 92 Seconds’; the premise was that a person would enter their workplace information into an online form, and people would be randomly selected to have the two radio DJs show up at their work site. Their name would then be called out over Facebook Live, a megaphone as well as the radio itself, and they would have 92 seconds on the clock to get to wherever the DJs were parked outside their workplace. The prize? Two tickets to the Metallica concert in Edmonton, Alberta on August 16, 2017 (the last stop on their North American tour), as well as free transportation to the concert from Calgary and back aboard a party bus.

August 2, 2017, started out like a normal day for me. I parked my Jeep outside work, remembering that I hadn’t yet filled out my entry into the contest for Metallica tickets that day, as you could enter every day. I wanted to go; I didn’t really have any idea at the time of who’d go with me if I won, but it sounded like one of those experiences you just can’t pass up and even though I had seen Metallica three times previously, this would be the first in an open stadium for me. Once I filled out the entry form, I headed into work, not knowing at that time my day was going to have an incredible blessing come my way from the universe.

Now, typically, the guys would announce on their morning show when and what area of the city they would be in that day for giving away the Metallica tickets. I listened closely for their announcement, but I either missed it or they didn’t announce it. Either way, it was getting near the end of the day and they hadn’t called anyone’s name out yet. I remember having a thought shoot through my mind earlier in the day,

“Wouldn’t it be funny if my parents showed up for me to sign a document and my name gets called at the same time?”

I had asked my parents to meet me at work that day to sign a document I wanted to get mailed off as soon as possible. Well, the universe certainly responded to my blinking thought, and as I was walking down the hall for my break at 3:30, I hear on the radio,

“We’re sitting out front of Moneris Solutions…..”

I didn’t hear much after that, except for when my name was actually called, but I knew at that moment, they were there for me! You can watch the Facebook Live video they recorded here: Let’s go to Metallica! Jesse & JD’s Gone In 92 Seconds.

I ran to the front thinking that they would be parked right outside the door; when I didn’t see anything, I started to get a little panicked. I knew the clock was ticking, and my name had been called. I ran back inside and asked my supervisor if there was anyone parked out back by the loading docks, thinking they might be parked out there. They didn’t know, so I ran back to the front, and this time, I exited the building. As I came out, I heard my name over the megaphone and I started to run as fast as I could toward the sound. Now you have to understand that our workplace safety protocol requires us to wear steel-toed boots; mine were Doc Martens that weighed about 5-10 lbs extra on each foot, so running across a parking lot was not an easy task. When I heard that I only had 20 seconds left on the clock, I pushed my body even harder to get there in time! For the rest of the day, my adrenaline was in high gear, and I could barely sign-off on the papers I was shaking so much.

The last time had I won tickets from CJAY to a concert was in 2015 to Nickelback where I got to meet the band backstage before the show. I had taken my sister to that concert as she was a huge fan. I asked her if she wanted to go with me to the Metallica concert, but she couldn’t as she had used up all her vacation time; she did suggest that I put it out on Facebook and see what happens. So, I did. The universe always responds in a way that is needed, and a friend of mine responded that she had a wonderful stepdaughter who’d die to go to the Metallica concert. Awesome! I asked that she connect with me so we could get things figured out.

As it happened, she had wanted to attend the Metallica concert in Vancouver but wasn’t able to make it. This was like universal magic in the making. I told her all about the ticket and how we’d be getting there on the party bus. I could tell she was already super stoked about the opportunity to go, and nothing was going to stop her from going this time! It was a dream of hers to see them play live for the first time.

On August 16, 2017, the day of the Metallica concert, I remember driving North on Deerfoot Trail headed towards the meetup location for the party bus thinking,

“Oh…….my…….God. Holy SHIT!!!! Am I really headed to Metallica on a party bus?!? Is this really happening?!?”

As I was driving, I was listening to the radio and knew I had missed the ‘Calgary’s Most Wanted’ request lunch hour on CJAY and thought it would’ve been awesome to have requested Sweet Child ‘O Mine by Guns N’ Roses for my drive; this is by far my favorite song since Slash has a way with playing each note with such passion and soul. The universe again responded by having this song start playing over the radio as if to say,

“Yep, this is really happening! Enjoy it!”

After getting on the bus, I learned that my guest had been dreaming of seeing Metallica play live for the first time since she was 11. There was beer provided by Tool Shed Brewing Company with their brews of People Skills, Star Cheek and Red Rage, as well as food from Trolley 5 Brewpub with their Pulled Pork and BBQ Brisket sandwiches and Veggie Pizza. Southland Transportation provided the bus.

Party bus

After stopping in Red Deer for a quick break, the next stop was Metallica!!! You can see the rest of the photos and videos I took during the concert here (credit for bus photo goes to radio DJ): Metallica – August 16, 2017.

The whole experience was something I will never, ever forget. Making someone else’s dream come true is a feeling I will also never, ever forget, as there were many times I glanced over to see that she was completely in heaven just being there, watching her favorite band for the very first time, playing live. Truly, magical! Best….Feeling….EVER!! My name is Chad Pearen, and I Am a Dream Weaver!!!


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