Everafter: The Reemergence of UK Rock

Cut from the cloth of another former band, in 2010, brothers Alexis Daperis (lead vocals/guitars) and Stefan Daperis (bass/backing vocals) alongside their good friend Tim Wiltshire (drums), formed the three-piece rock band called Everafter. According to Alexis, the band name had actually come to him about a year prior to officially forming the band. “I wanted a powerful, one-word name like ‘Nirvana’ or ‘Pantera’,” he says, ” and also a name that could encompass all styles of rock, like grunge, metal, and punk rock. When it came into my mind, I knew it was right.”

Alexis’ main influences are predominantly Nirvana, Metallica, Green Day and Pantera from the 90s grunge era. Stefan’s primary influences are very much similar to his brother, however, he prefers Slipknot. Both Alexis and Stefan were raised listening to The Beatles, Michael Jackson, and Queen. Tim’s powerhouse drumming style has been mainly inspired by metal bands Lamb Of God, Killswitch Engage, Bring Me The Horizon and A Day To Remember. When melded together, the band has a sound that helped to launch their debut album, ‘Everything Is One’, which featured legendary and Grammy-nominated producer,  Chris Tsangarides, who has also been the producer for renowned bands Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, and Judas Priest. In remembering Chris, Alexis says, “He was laid back and had a great level of expertise. Both for me personally, and as a band, we learned a lot from him and he was a really lovely guy too.” Chris sadly passed away last month.

A typical day in the life of the band consists of rehearsing, gigging, or time spent in the studio recording more tracks for their next album. For Alexis himself, he says, “A typical day involves songwriting, recording demos at home, or responding to band related emails/social media activity. By the evening time, I like to either meet up with friends or just chill out at home with a good movie.”

Their latest single, ‘Over You Tonight’, showcases their songwriting ability with the opening riffs, hailing their Green Day influences, while the guitar solo really shines with a Metallica polish, and will serve as the springboard for their album currently in the works. When asked about the inspiration for the song, Alexis replies, “I wanted to write a song that was easy for people to relate to with words that could easily be heard so that they could sing along with it. I had a situation going on a few years ago where my feelings for a woman were not being returned, so I drew most of my inspiration from this circumstance.”

When I asked Alexis about his vocals having a strong resemblance to Billy Joe Armstrong of Green Day, he says, “In the beginning, I was mainly influenced by James Hetfield and Kurt Cobain, but not long after that I got heavily into Green Day. Billy Joe has been a big influence on me over the years, but with a helping of a few others.”

Be sure to check out their new single, ‘Over You Tonight’ (YouTube video below) as well as their previous and debut album, ‘Everything Is One’.

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